Welcome friends to the Mindful Skincare blog!  This is where we the founders of Mindful Skincare and special guests will write about living a mindful life and having an equally meaningful skincare ritual that brings richness and depth to caring for our bodies. Creating Mindful Skincare was and continues to be a journey, just as all of our lives are. We hope to provide you with meaningful and valuable writings here that will connect with the thoughtful lives that valued members of the Mindful family lead.  

This is a safe space for all, and we ask that readers honor one another here with the respect and peace that everyone deserves as fellow being.  Here on the blog we will be focusing on discussions of the mindful life and enriching skincare rituals, but should you have a question or comment regarding Mindful Skincare products or orders, we absolutely will be pleased to help you in any way that we can via the contact information available on the Mindful Skincare website.  

Again, we are so pleased to welcome you to the Mindful Skincare family and would be honored if you would subscribe to our blog and tell others who share the journey we are on to join us as well. Thank you so much! Namaste.

--JB & Cassandra, Co-founders, Mindful Skincare

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