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About us

A Journey to Mindfulness

Cruelty-free, Vegan Skincare Made For Yogis & the Mindful, By Mindful Yogis

At forty two minutes past eight, December 27th, 2014, on a dark, sparsely lit stretch of a steel bridge over the Hudson River, airbags exploded, as the Prius was hit and spun then murmured to a halt, choking us with a hovering smog of engine smoke.  As the noxious smoke and mystery white vapor came to rest on the desolate surface of the otherwise soundless micro-planet that was our world at that moment, the only clear light for vision were the moonbeams refracting off thousands of shards of windshield glass that had been shotgunned onto our hair and clothes and skin.

Moments later I would be standing on the highway, in only thin black cotton socks separating the soles of my feet from the subzero oil-stained cement of the bridge, getting my first look at the 19 year old child who had nearly killed us. His oversized white Chevy Silverado would idle in the background, nearly undamaged, as the lanky boy in a plaid shirt stared back at me.

But this isn't a story about a young boy who made a severe mistake that almost took our lives. It is the story of us sharing something rarefied -- the opportunity to know, in real time, that our lives were changing forever. It would be the catalyst for a quantum leap in understanding the importance of living a mindful life of gratitude. Lives where care for our bodies, and our largest organ the skin, is not a rote act of mindless living, but a thoughtful ritual with the very best that nature and science have to offer.

For each of us this path would be different. Cassandra had a long history of yoga being a positive part of her life, as well as the appreciation and understanding for the impact that both positive and negative energy have on one's life. After the car accident there would be great lows and great highs. The medical challenges as a result of it would be significant and persist to this day. But also she would begin to pursue things that she had wanted her to learn for her entire life.   She attended bartending school to learn how to make craft cocktails. She would also begin taking guitar lessons which she still takes today.  And most importantly of all, she would become an RYT-200 certified yoga instructor. The weekends spent pursuing her certification and then building upon it would be both a refuge and then recharge, allowing her to come back better every week.

For me, Jon, the aftermath of the car accident manifested in other ways. I would begin to read and listen to audiobooks voraciously on a great many topics, from yoga to meditation to spirituality to personal growth.  At the same time, I would begin to explore how I interacted with the world and why I had spent so much of my life angry. What I would find would be a permanent change in my happiness, and one that was apparently so noticeable that everyone close to me in my life would comment on it.

It was these conditions that brought us to found Mindful Skincare. We found ourselves often having conversations with a close friend about skin care issues and what we would like to see in products, and in the kind of company that we could be proud to support, whether it was ours or someone else's.

Like with many companies, these conversations actually began around the dinner table. Until one day the conversations weren't conversations anymore. It was a decision. We wanted to bring a skin care company to the people that didn't compromise effectiveness or high quality ingredients, while also being a company that people could be proud to support. One that cared about everyone, whether they were staff or clients or other local businesses. One that could be in union with the world and give something back.

It is with the deepest gratitude and open hearts that we welcome you to the Mindful Skincare family, our way of giving back to the world that has given us so much. Namaste.

--Jon, on behalf of Jon & Cassandra, Co-founders

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