Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get some samples? Easy! Samples of the current collection are available here for just $5. That's 5 samples for $5 - normally $12.50. You will receive (1) Hydrating Moisturizer with Green Tea & Pomegranate Oil, (1) Anti-aging Eye Serum with Primrose Oil & Lavender, (1) Exfoliating Moisturizer with Avocado Oil, (1) Detoxifying Cleanser with Orange Peel & Activated Charcoal and (1) Nourishing Blueberry Mask. All for just $5!

Do you test on animals and are your products cruelty-free? Mindful Skincare never tests on animals and you will find a cruelty-free symbol on all of our labels. We are committed to an end-to-end cruelty-free company.

Are your products 100% vegan? Yes. All of our products are vegan and our formulas do not contain animal by-products of any kind. 

Are your products suitable for people with rosacea, excema, xeroderma and/or acne? Absolutely. Have specific questions about what is best for you? Email us at jb@mindful-skincare.com and we can tailor a specific regimen for your needs.

I’m allergic to wheat – are your products gluten-free? Yes. Our products contain no wheat or wheat products. If you are gluten-intolerant and your skincare products are not, your skincare products may be causing problems for you and you don't even know it! Mindful Skincare will never do this because we are always gluten-free.

What should I do if I am sensitive to most skin care products? Mindful Skincare products have been especially formulated for sensitive skin. Our natural, vegan and gluten-free products are paraben, sulfate and alcohol free, too. However, if alpha hydroxy acid is too much for your skin, we do recommend that you choose the Hydrating Moisturizer over the Exfoliating Moisturizer.

Are your products natural and organic? Our products are natural, and contains as many organic ingredients as feasible. In some cases, it is not possible for an ingredient to be organic.

Are your products made in the USA? Absolutely. We are a proud manufacturer of products made in the USA.

How do I make a comment or suggestion? We love to hear from our customers! You can contact us at jb@mindfulskincare.com or direct message us on any of our social media channels.

Do you ship internationally? Unfortunately, not at this time.

Have more questions? Please do email us at at jb@mindfulskincare.com or direct message us on any of our social media channels and we will get back to you promptly.

Ready to find out more about all of these amazing vegan products? Great! Browse our collection and get started on the skin you have always wanted. 

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